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Center tours: only one hotel

Unpacking your suitcase only once, the same bed every night, plenty of time to relax, lots of self-determination. All of this is included in a center tour, because you always cycle from the same accommodation with a small pannier.

If you book a self-guided tour, it’s up to you whether you want to ride one of our pre-prepared tours the next day or whether you’d rather relax in the hotel or explore the surrounding area more intensively. If you ride a tour, you decide which one; there are short and long bike tours, as well as those that are more of making headways or with lots of scenic and cultural sights.

The hotels on our center tours are located in beautiful places that can be explored after each day’s stage. At the same time, the well chosen location of the accommodation gives us the opportunity to offer you GPS data for different points of the compass, with each tour offering great scenic and cultural highlights and plenty of variety.

The accommodation itself always has a pool and a full breakfast. In addition, the hotel or the surrounding area offers enough leisure activities so that non-riders (including children) can also come along and have a wonderful time. Each of our center tours offers its own program for non-riders.

You like cycling but want the freedom to design your own travel program? Or you don’t want to travel without your partner, but he/she doesn’t want to cycle? – Then the center tours are perfect for you!