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Gravel Bike Tours offers cycle journeys in easy terrain in different regions in Europe.

Gravel Bike Tours emerged from the desire to explore other countries and regions on gravel bike and with professional GPS data. Biker friendly accommodations, a local service number and luggage transfer on longer tours complete your perfect gravel journey. The routes are suitable for gravel bikes and every type of bicycles that are eligible for longer tours in easy terrain


Nastasia Herold

Nastasia Herold


Nastasia is an expert in tourism and owner of Gravel Bike Tours. She has lived in Germany, France, Portugal and Canada.

I love traveling and getting to know foreign cultures. It broadens my horizon.

Michael Herold

Michael Herold


By necessity, Michael has had to ride his bike a lot since his youth, as he grew up in Germany's outback. He bought his first gravel bike in 2019 and has only come home for lunch since then.

Tour planning and creating routes are my passion.

Photo credit: Anke Steinberg (Nastasia), Emmie Collinge (Michael)